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Since our early days working on big brand marketing campaigns, we have morphed into helping small businesses and startups grow through strong stories. We continue to push into new frontiers with new partners.

If you want to discuss an idea or just interested in what we’re doing, contact us.

Branding & Content

We are a words and design team providing content creation, design and consulting for domestic and international marketing campaigns — luxury, tech, small businesses, big consumer brands and non-profit organizations — you name it!

Concept Testing & Launch

By launching our own businesses and helping others as well, we have learned a few tricks (but are always on the lookout for new ones). We are devising our own tried-and-true method for testing business ideas and acquiring initial customers or clients.

Mobile AR Narrative Design

Intrigued by mobile gaming (Niantic’s Ingress, Pokémon Go) and the overall emergence of “Mirrorworld” (check out this fascinating Wired article), we’ve been developing our own narrative design concept for a Mobile AR game set simultaneously in modern and historic Paris. One of our more top-secret IPs.


From years of experience designing custom websites, we have a unique approach that we are developing into a dedicated service for digitally proactive small businesses. If you’re interested in a premium, all-in-one WordPress website or our reseller partner program, contact us.

Social Entrepreneurship

Can we make a profit and a difference? This is a question we are exploring now as we reflect upon current global challenges and concerns that keep us up at night. Inspired by stories of social entrepreneurship around the world, we are beginning to incorporate non-profit efforts into our business schemes, starting with renewable energy-powered website hosting.


Digital content & design for IoT companies providing LoRaWAN-enabled solutions to everyday problems.


While in southern France enjoying wonderful wine at the source, we had the idea of starting a French wine import business. A few months later, we did it. Marcus Brothers Imports brings high-quality, organic and biodynamic wines made by independent winemakers to the US. Naturally, we cover all MBI content and design needs in-house.

Lead Generation

Over the last couple years, like everyone else, we’ve been adapting to an ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Increasingly, we use our content and design powers to proactively generate sales leads for small businesses.

“n” — also stands for “next!”

We’ve learned how to stay focused, yet open and agile enough to respond to cool, new ideas. That’s the beauty of being in a talented community. So, we’re always looking for what’s next. If you are too, contact us.

Our clients are also our community

You’re interesting, we’re interesting — let’s talk!

We love talking about new ideas and meeting new people. Especially at the same time.

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